Rose Marketing...They are nothing but scam artists.These people have no souls or consciences!!!!

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I was contacted by Rose Marketing about 7 months ago. I was told that I would be given 10,000 leads for $1 per lead ($10,000) and they would set me up with merchant accounts with Visa and Mastercard. I would be able to stay home and just collect money. They really got me with the whole pitch about being able to stay at home with my newborn.

I was supposed to receive a package in the mail containing all the information I would need in order to procure the merchant accounts and to establish a constant client base. I never received that package. I contacted Rose Marketing/Prime Merchants, to get the status of my delivery and I was never able to get ahold of anyone. Even the man that I spoke to initially over the phone, Joe Jackson, wouldn’t return my calls. I had been had!!! They exploited my weakness and stole from me. Stole from my family!!

It’s been months with no word or response from Rose Marketing either by phone or email. I have contacted the FTC and the Attorney General in Arizona to report them but feel like I’m just spinning my wheels…getting nowhere.

I have contacted a law firm to help me get my money back. I spoke to Victoria @615.0671.4983 and she informed me that there are a lot of cases against Rose Marketing. They have been scamming people out of their money for years. It’s not right what they are doing. So, Victoria helped me get my money back and I didn’t have to pay anything upfront.

I really hope Rose Marketing/Prime Merchants gets what they deserve!! They are nothing but scam artists. These people have no souls or consciences.

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